Behind the new Litek product lies applied market research and “listening” Switch to LED easier and more practical thanks to the Universal Module

A solution all set to speed up the change under way, irreversibly directed towards energy saving and sustainability in urban areas. The first and major upshot of the technology developed for relamping Venice.

The latest Litek innovation is called Universal Module: a clever product to be associated, throughout 2014, with a major public lighting anniversary. The year was 1884 and Milan and Turin (the first cities in Italy) were finally equipped with electric lighting. A revolution that was already changing the nocturnal appearance of the big cities of the world, which were switching from gas lights to the first incandescence bulbs. Now, 130 years later, it’s the turn of LED technology to represent the change: an evolutionary process which finds in this new Litek solution its ideal accelerator. This is in fact a decisive appliance for replacing, in an effective and practical way, many of the traditional light sources still to be found in our towns and cities. Above all lanterns, light posts, but also street lighting in general. Such lights are commonly found in old city centres and urban areas throughout Europe, where to a different but definitely irreversible extent, the switch to more sustainable public lighting systems is becoming a must.

Universal Module, the upshot of experience acquired in relamping the city of Venice (7374 light points, modified by Litek to produce an 81.4% saving in energy consumption) is a fully adaptable component for transforming light sources into cutting-edge LED appliances, which are more cost-effective and provide better performance. The new product looks like a thin anodized aluminium flange, in standard black colour (lighter colours available on request), “tailored” according to the specifications of the light to be updated. The Universal Module is pre-fitted with a complete and sophisticated optic unit, featuring a protective closing shield in tempered glass four millimetres thick, which ensures the Module’s degree of protection. The emitted light is neutral white (4000K) or warm (3000K) while the lenses are of the road or rotary-symmetric type, with fully cut-off emission.

Among the other technical features: Power-LED with ceramic base for direct recast; LED electrically isolated from the heat dissipation system; constant DC drive system; HT type operation/start; OFC on/off; Litek Thermal Cooling System; 110/260Volt (50/60 Hz) power supply; automatic temperature control (in HT versions); patented anti-condensation system; degree of protection IP65 and stainless-steel screws. (Patent pending).
Like all success-bound solutions, the principle of the Universal Module is simple and sums up Litek’s flexibility in providing adaptive answers to an extremely broad range of market demands.