Naples Airport: LED from Litek raises at 22mt.

In the area of Capodichino (Naples) there is a very specialized centre for maintenance of aircrafts, unique point in Italy. The Company provides heavy maintenance services to the most diffused kind of aircrafts, and it is fully capable to support third parties customers, strong with its “8bays” facilities and 1 painting bay.

In these facilities it has been already completed a lighting project  for AVIO 1 hangar with LED technologies.

It is one of the more ambitious world lighting projects  for indoor applications. Performance, energy saving, and fast investment payback are the drivers of the project, which have been successfully reached thanks to the ability and know-how from LITEK experience in LED technology applied to the professional lighting. 
AVIO 1 hangar has been lighted with no. 287 fittings of DAMA Industrial series, 125 W power and a luminous flux of 17.280 lumen, at a color temperature of 4000K, IRC 70, with intensive optic of 50°, installed at 22 mt. from ground.
The lighting results are well over 500 lux avg., and 0,5 uniformity, as requested from UNI EN 12464 for working areas, at 4 mt. from ground (where maintenance activity are done).

Energy saving went from previous 151 kW  to present 34 kW,  with a saving of 77% which can furtherly be increased  up to 88% by the DALI dimming system for light optimization. The payback of the investment has been calculated around 1,5 years.

Following the realization of AVIO1, it has been decided also the requalification of other hangar, AVIO2, with its maintenance (4 bays) and painting (1 bay – 700 lux of illuminance)  sector, which will be equipped with more than 400 fittings from DAMA Industrial series.
The project has been recently completed with the requalification of all the area, including offices, warehouses, and parking area.