New street lantern series PARDAL

New and compact design, wide choice of street optics, energy efficiency, reduced costs. These are the main characteristics of the new series PARDAL, the very new street from LITEK LED Lighting (the Company that was the supplier of LED lighting fittings for the renewal of Venice historical centre with more than 7000 pieces).

The PARDAL 1 series, today already available, delivers an efficiency up to 158 lm/W which, together with a wide choice of street optics (large and narrow streets, cycle and pedestrians areas, places, park lots) give one of the most interesting lighting performance and energy savings results today effective into the lighting market.
PARDAL can be installed as a top post top mounting or lateral using a bracket with tilting regulation; the body, die-cast alluminium, has very reduced sizes 520x160x80mm. weight 5kg., with a very modern design and a minum wind exposure.

Other functional characteristics of PARDAL series come directly from LITEK’s years of experience and wide competence in the field of LED technology: electric isolation of LEDs from the thermal dissipation system, heat dissipation system TCS built directly on aluminium body, patented anti-condensation system, anodized protection of aluminium and painting.

Functioning mode are several: from dimming to programmable to the  more sophisticated remote control.
PARDAL series is CE marked.