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The 4th generation (in less than 12 years) of LED luminaires for street lighting by LITEK arrives today with FULGOR, in two sizes, 5 optics, with and without protective glass, 3 color temperatures, with net efficiencies up to 170 Lm/W and Smart City connectivity solutions. What else? Find out in the dedicated brochure.

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From 5th to 8th of November 2019 we will be present at Hall D7 - Stand 013 of the ECOMONDO - KEY ENERGY EXPO at the Expo Center of FIERA RIMINI - ITALY.

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The new LITEK square lantern joins the previous model released over 6 years ago and updates its design, construction methods, and price. LED engines and optical characteristics in line with current LITEK standards and performance.

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We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new Litek product catalog also in German

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New Catalogue for Outdoor luminaires 2018

Our Catalogue for Outdoor luminaires 2018 is being distributed to the sales force, with new graphics, images and contents.

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LITEK Website Update

You will find on our website new contents, lighting projects and useful information, also shared on our "social".

New products codes

On page 125 of our 2018 Outdoor Catalogue (which can also be downloaded from the site) it is possible to obtain a general overview of the new coding of LITEK products, made necessary by the need for better detail in reading and automated management within the production and sales operating procedures.

New products: Modulo Universale 2.0 and Brique

The following new products are available on the new 2018 Catalogue. These are made according to LITEK R & D design: Modulo Universale 2.0 and Brique.

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R.F. Remote-control for Fly and Pardal / Pardal Maxi

New electrical and mechanical adaptations for the versions of Fly and Pardal / Pardal Maxi with radio-frequency remote control systems, already applied in recent projects.

New range of urban luminaires for street lighting

With a minimalist design and a small wind exposure, the FLY series can be used for street lighting, boulevards, cycling path, squares and parks, we found that searching for the aesthetic detail for urban furniture that had already been realized in the development of products like GAIA, BOLO and BELLA.

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The new catalogue LITEK 2017-B for Outdoor Lighting is now available.

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New Photometric Curves - March 2017

Sono disponibili le nuove curve fotometriche relative ai prodotti del Catalogo 2017. Nella sezione “Download” del sito è possibile visionare i solidi dei gruppi ottici. Per richiedere i file .ldt si prega di scrivere a  

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE MEXICO - UNESCO heritage - February 2017

The city of San Miguel de Allende is located in central Mexico, state of Guanajuato, at an altitude of 1,910 m above the sea level.

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Piacenza and Santarcandelo Romagna - The National Service CONSIP - January 2017

The concession of the integrated management service, preventive and corrective maintenance of public lighting installations through “CONSIP LUCE” service  is putting many Italian municipalities in favorable condition to take advantage from a professional and qualified service.

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The Parco della Montagnola Bologna - a triumph of light - october 2016

The Park of the Montagnola of Bologna - Italy - as well as being a real architectural jewel by day, with the steps of the Pincio in the foreground, at night it becomes  a wonderful "Festival of Light", when it envelops us the thrill of passing the time and the memory of past events.

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The new catalogue LITEK 2017 for Outdoor Lighting is now available.

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RAI for the film art with LITEK lighting of Venice

The RAI promo has been chosen as the opening sequence of the 73rd International Venice Film Festival 2016.

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25/07 updated site and catalogue in languages and new content

We invite you to read the contents of this update so that they can take the best ideas for a technical and methodological comparison on outdoor lighting projects

Behind the new Litek product lies applied market research and “listening” Switch to LED easier and more practical thanks to the Universal Module

A solution all set to speed up the change under way, irreversibly directed towards energy saving and sustainability in urban areas. The first and major upshot of the technology developed for relamping Venice.

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Naples Airport: LED from Litek raises at 22mt.

In the area of Capodichino (Naples) there is a very specialized centre for maintenance of aircrafts, unique point in Italy. The Company provides heavy maintenance services to the most diffused kind of aircrafts, and it is fully capable to support third parties customers, strong with its “8bays” facilities and 1 painting bay.

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E-procurement” for Public Administration bodies: obstacle or opportunity for the GPP?

LITEK will partecipate to the event organized by the provence of Peugia together with CONSIP Spa, in the middle of the European Comunity project GRASP – Green procurement and Smart city suPport in the Energy sector (MEDEuropean Territorial Cooperation). Place: “Ecomondo” Fair in Rimini, Sala Rovere.

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New light all over the world. Nobel to the inventors of blue LED

The Nobel award to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, Shuji Nakamura. Thanks to their efforts we have today new efficient and lasting alternatives to the old lighting sources.

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Rimini Convention Centre: more light and less energy consumption thanks to LED Technology

In January 2014 Ente Fiera Rimini (Rimini Convention Centre) has changed its 280 floodlights 400W JM each with new LED fittings 125W each (over 70% less consumption), reaching a total reduction of more than 120.000 kWh of electric energy by year, which are almost the annual average consumption of 40 families and a reduction of 60 tons of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

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New street lantern series PARDAL

New and compact design, wide choice of street optics, energy efficiency, reduced costs. These are the main characteristics of the new series PARDAL, the very new street from LITEK LED Lighting (the Company that was the supplier of LED lighting fittings for the renewal of Venice historical centre with more than 7000 pieces).

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Quality Management System: ISO 9001 Certificate

During the last months  LITEK has put in place internal solutions which has permitted the Company to obtain the ISO 9001 Certificate  for Quality Management System.

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Results: facts and not words

Talamello is changing its look.

On Saturday 25th of January the refurbishment with LED technology of the characteristic hillside town near  Rimini  was concluded.

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