New range of urban luminaires for street lighting

With a minimalist design and a small wind exposure, the FLY series can be used for street lighting, boulevards, cycling path, squares and parks, we found that searching for the aesthetic detail for urban furniture that had already been realized in the development of products like GAIA, BOLO and BELLA.

FLY today presents the market with a wide selection of versions, six, for the various aesthetic choices that the Public and installation companies can propose for the most attractive areas of their territory.

As always, LITEK proposes, for the FLY optical drives, the LED engines that have been widely tested during many years of implementation of LED technology projects, along with a wide choice of optics, at maximum energy efficiency and at particularly low cost.

The other functional features of FLY are based on the experience and expertise of LED technology by LITEK: LED electrical isolation from the thermal system, thermal dissipation designed directly into the body of the luminaries and adapted to the powers in use, patented anti-condensate system, anodizing of aluminum and long lasting paint.

The operating modes range from dimmable solution to stand-alone programming and to the most sophisticated remote control.

The entire FLY series is equipped with CE marking.