BORGO was born to replace the famous "small plate" that many streets, alleys and villages have illuminated in past times, not only in Italy. It is a 370 mm diameter drawn aluminum body, with a pleasant hemispherical design with minimal exposure to the wind. Although the LED motor is particularly efficient, it does not produce excessive power (only 16W for 3286 lumens of LED flux) since the limited needs of this type of application do not require superior performance. The attachment for installation on both pole and wall is via a suspension system.

AQUA is a box made of AISI304 stainless steel and with anodized aluminum lower structure and anthracite long-lasting polyester powder coating. The classic installations below the eaves of public spaces, in particular in the historical centers, in the most representative squares and villages, find in this new fixture its main application which enhances its lighting and installation characteristics. Excellent LED equipment with both Standard and ECO motors, with luminous fluxes up to 7920 lumens at 4000 K. The device is installed on the wall through a special base containing the driver. Other electrical and light characteristics as per LITEK standard. The scope of optics is as per LITEK standard, in this case all provided with a 4mm tempered glass protective screen.