Results: facts and not words

Talamello is changing its look.

On Saturday 25th of January the refurbishment with LED technology of the characteristic hillside town near  Rimini  was concluded.

At the inauguration  the following people were present:   the President of the Provence of Rimini  Stefano Vitali, Delegate to Public Works  Meris Soldati, the Mayor of  Bellaria Enzo Ceccarelli and Council Member of Rimini Tiziano Arlotti. Within the 11 Municipalities of “Alta e Bassa Valmarecchia”, Talamello has been the first one who has decided to implement such a solution, which delivered  from August to December more than € 7.000 in energy savings. Cost Savings (from 52,13% to 85,37%, depending on applications) but even environmental respect. President of Rimini Provence Mr. Vitale invited all Municipalities to follow the case of Talamello: a way to serve lighting in a safe matter, “in a period when there is a serious lack of resources and other cities are switching off lights to save money. On air: Gabriele Pozzi (Deputy Mayor  of  Talamello) e Stefano Vitali (President Provence of Rimini).